We applied this questionnaire to 200 students ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade. 9th and 10th grades have afternoon classes between 13.00 and  19.00. 11th and 12th have morning classes between 07.30 and 12.30. 12th grade students are preparing for university entrance exam. These factors have affected the results and statistics.

The chart shows that the students spend their  time sleeping , which covers % 37.75 ( 9h 3 min ) of the day on average. Morning class students tend to sleep less ( six and half hours on average ) because they start school so early ; however afternoon class students tend to sleep more (11 hours on average ).

The chart shows that the students spend their time at school and do homework ,  which covers %36,25 (8h 42 min) of the day on average during an ordinary school day.  

The chart shows that the students have free time activities  such as extra curricular activities, relaxation, doing sports, social media, internet, computer games, watching TV, reading books, which covers % 26 ( 6 h 15 min ) of the day on average.

 As  12 th class students are preparing for the university exam , they  go to courses after school  for that reason school and studying lesson take their 10 hours on average in a day ; therefore they have less free time.

The color blue is the most commonly used one by the students( 115 selections). This color signifies trust, honesty and loyalty. Blue relates one-to-one communication.they spend most of their free time with their families and friends ,so  the students tend to be the teacher , the public speaker, the helper , the friend in need. Especially, this colour was preferred for free time activities (42 students).


Among 200 students the second favorite color  is black ( 109 selections). According to the interpretation of the questionaire the color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and unknown, and shows a person who likes to keep things bottled up inside, hidden from the world because of the outer emotional stress that the person totaly rejects. Because of their being teenages in these ages , it may beacceptable for them to prefer the color black for their sleeping time (86 students).


The color green is the third commonly used  by students (77 selections). This is the color of harmony  and balance, between the head and heart. It shows calm, distant perspectives, lack of stress and confidence. It includes positive thinking. Because of their age they love spending time with their friends so they feel comfortable and are happy  at school. They generally preferred this colour for their school time (40 students).  the colour green relates to the counselor, the social worker and the charity worker.


The colour purple is the fourth one to be selected by our students (75 selections). This colour is a  sign of imagination and spirituality. This colour relates to the fantasy world and higher counciousness, so we can associate it with the philosopher, the artist, the musician the painter and the writer.


Red is the fifth colour chosen by our students(62 selections). This is a warm and positive colour associated with taking action, strenthening courage. lovers of red are the explorers and the pioners, the entrepreneurs.


The sixth commonly used colour is orange (60 selections) . It is the colour of the risk taker, the adventurer, the sportman, the explorer, and the inventor if it is abundant within the chart.


Grey is the seventh favourite colour  used by the students (55 selections).  The grey bearer is reserved, lacking in energy,  vitality, excitement, a spirit already aged, never wanting to be the center of attention, this is the  colour of the worker, the manual labourer, the craftsmani the clerk or the ublic servanti the employee.


Yellow is the lest favourite colour among others, being used by students (47 selections). It is the colour of the left or the logic side of the brain. It is the colour of  the networker and the journalist as well as the scientist always analyzing.


                                                          Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School