Pie chart interpretation


The day was divided  in the respect of typical daily routines:

1. school (time spent on lessons at school, according to the lesson plan)

2. getting to school (including actual time spent in the means of transportation, getting dressed and undressed, washing oneself, etc.)

3. free time (working out, hobbies, TV, the Internet, gaming, the cinema, etc.)

4. meals

5. homework (studying, preparing lessons, packing for school, etc.)

6. sleep.


According to the survey it may be observed that:

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Students spend about 8.5 hours at school, based on the schedule. The time spent there is marked in colours like black, brown or red. The colours black and brown may suggest emotional stress, insecurity, and lack of self-esteem. It may refer to a trauma or discomfort. Some students chose the red colour, which may be interpreted in a number of ways. On the one hand, it may suggest that the time spent at school may allow a determined person to achieve their aims. On the other hand, it may reflect passion, striving for revenge, anger - depending on the shade of red.

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The students use approximately 2.5 hours to get to school. The colour which reflects the activity is orange – it means optimism and raised spirits. The colour is associated with the beginning of the new day.

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Free time is in the evening. It is 3-4 hours, it is divided into various activities, both active and passive, e.g. football, fitness, playing computer games. The time was marked in bright colours, such as green, pink and warm shades of other colours. They emphasize hushing up and relaxation.

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The least time is devoted to eating (one hour). The colour which reflects the activity is yellow and green. The colours can bring us into carefree world of all the pleasant things.

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On average, sudents use 3 hours for homework. The discrepancy was considerable: some students study for 4.5 hours, the others as little as one hour. Students mark the time in the colours earlier associated with school, namely: black, brown and other dark shades.

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Sleeping takes students only a little less time than staying at school. On average, it is 7.5-8 hours. All the students used the blue colour with reference to sleep. The colour means hushing up, relaxation, regeneration and regaining vitality.