Results  of the pie chart test

The results of the test show  that  the majority of students  spend only a few hours a day  doing homework, they don’t have many hobbies and they have  a lot of free time  which they spend with their friends mostly hanging around.

School time activities

As for the colours  the majority of the students have used the colour red for the school time  activities. Red signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, it is related to ambition and determination.

Some students have used yellow which relates to acquired knowledge. It signifies hope, happiness, cheerfulness, original thought and inquisitiveness. Yellow is the color of new ideas which help to find new ways of doing things. It represents the practical thinker,  enthusiasm, confidence and optimism.

A group of students have chosen the colour green, which is the colour of balance and harmony. People who love green are observer and therefore it relates to counselors,  social workers.

A group of students have used the colour black. Black shows that a barrier has been raised between oneself and the outside world. It could also show the ending of one part of teenagers life and the need to hide from the world while they discover their own identity.

A group have used the colour grey. It shows lack of energy, vitality, excitement. Lovers of grey are the workers, the craftsmen, the clerks.

Homework activities

The majority of the students have used the colour black for homework activities.

A few students have used the colour blue, which signifies honesty and loyalty. It shows a responsible, confident  person.

Some of the students have used the colour grey which is an unemotional colour.


The dominant colour for relaxation and hobbies  is orange. Orange is the colour of the risk-taker, the explorer and the inventor. Orange relates to ‘gut reaction’ or our instincts.

Sleep time

The dominant colour for sleep time is blue. It shows a sincere, reserved and quiet person.