Career orientation – Initial Questionnaire

92 students participated in answering the questions about career orientatation

1.Have you ever had any career /profession /school orientation discussions with teachers or other professionals?If yes ,when and how useful were they?

  • Yes -92 students
  • Last year -92
  • Useful 80
  • Not useful -12

2.Have you ever been applied questionairres on career/profession /school orientation ? If yes ,do you remember how many and how often you have to answer these?

  • Yes -80
  • No -12
  • Often -48
  • 2 times a year -24
  • 5 times a year -8

3.You have basically chosen the career to follow /the school to attend:

  • a)Following your parents’ desire/example/advice -24 students
  • b)As a result of career orientation investigation done by the school -64 students
  • c) Going for your friend’s options,as you did not want to go separate ways ---4 students.

4.As a student of your school you consider the courses offered there :

  • a)Mostly matching your personality and rewarding in the long term in terms of career building ----36 students
  • b)Somehow matching your personality and possibly rewarding in the future -52 students
  • c)Totally unfit and irrelevant for your future -4 students( they think that there are a lot of things at school that they won’t need in future)

5.As student ,the decision on the school of your choice or on the career to pursue has been influenced by talents or skills noticed during your previous school years?

  • a) To a great extent --34
  • b) To some extent ---56
  • c) Not at all -- 2

6.Of the following ,which one best describes the factors that generally guide career orientation options with young people of your age?

  • a)Family traditions
  • b)Financial resources – 24
  • c)Social positioning --
  • d) Personal decision - 64
  • e)Aptitudes -
  • f)Local realities - 4

7.Have you ever considered changing your hobby into a career on entrepreneurialbasis?If yes ,please give details

  • Yes -24 No - 68
  • Some want to open dance studios,others want to create video games,write songs,sell some stuff and so on.


8.Have you ever observed your personal development in any area ,outside school restraints?If yes please give details.

  • Yes – 56 No - 36
  • Some go to art school,music school,sport school.Some students attend dance club,others surf Internet a lot,go to volunteer organisations,belong to paramilitary organisations,learn to play the guitar at home

9.Do you think the media today has an influence upon young people’s career choices?If yes please explain briefly.

  • Yes – 80 No - 12
  • It helps to select the information you hear or watch and helps to make your decisions.Many people choose the most popular careers.Many people do not have their own opinion ,so they copy other people they see in the media.

10.How are you sure now of your future career orientation and decision?

  • a) Very sure – 24
  • b) Somehow unsure - 44
  • c) In the dark – 24
  • Some students know what they want to do ,but do not know how.Some have a few options,some students have their dream job( to be a policeman e.g ),but the majority have no idea what they will do.