THE ITES A. DE VITI DE MARCO  is located in Triggiano, a town in the South-East of Italy.

It is  a technical secondary school where students, at the end of a five-year course,  get a diploma. After a two- year general course, the biennio, students start the triennio, that is a more specific three-year course, they can choose  among three different  options, according to their specific career objectives and interests.

ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE AND MARKETING ORIENTATION: It aims at the development of skills and competences in language, business accounting , finance,  law, and computer skills. It is suitable for those who want to carry out the work of an accountant or administrative activities within companies . 

BUSINESS AND  INFORMATION SYSTEMS ORIENTATION: It  aims at the development of  skills and competences  in language, business  accounting , finance, law, and computer science. It is suitable for those who want to manage the  networks and information systems in a business.

TOURISM ORIENTATION: It aims at the development of linguistic and computer skills and competences, together with skills in geography and the basics in accounting. It is suitable for those who want to operate in the world of tourism.

At the end of the five years students can go to university or enter the world of work.

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