Zespół Szkół im. Wincentego Witosa, Sucha Beskidzka, Poland

 Wincenty Witos School Complex

Our school is a vocational secondary school. Our school is one of the biggest in our region.It has a long tradition. There are about 750 students and 75 teachers. It is a four year school which mainly educates students in Hotel Management, Tourism Industry, Economics, Gastronomy.  Recently we have opened a Logistics, Advertising and ICT Department. We teach general subjects such as English, sciences, humanities but we also teach vocational subjects such as professional English for each specialisation and the students study a lot of vocational subjects. Every year the students go on a monthly trainings. They have trainings in hotels, banks, restaurants across Poland and abroad, in Germany and Greece. 

School website: http://zsw.powiatsuski.pl/