Utena "Saule" Gymnasium

    Our school is in the town of Utena ,which is in the East of Lithuania.It is 90 kilometers from the capital Vilnius.It has 40000 inhabitants.It is situated among forests and lakes.We have 2 lakes in the town and 300 lakes in the district,that is why the landscape is very picturesque especially in summer.We are proud that we have luminous  and singing fountain in the town in the middle of the lake.It is beautiful in the dark time.Many tourists come here in summer.

     Our school is called “Saule” gymnasium. It is the oldest in the town,though the building was renovated some years ago. We have 510 students aged 15 – 19 and about 50 teachers.They learn basic foreign languages .The first  foreign language is English.Then they can choose among French, German, Russian, Latin. Then they learn a  native language, History, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religion, Geography, Music, Dancing, Practical subjects, Physical education. At the end of 10 and 12 forms they have to take exams.

   As for free time activities students have a big choice of them. Some of them go to art .music or sport schools.Basketball is the second religion in Lithuania.Therefore so many boys and girls choose it as free time activity.Somebody chooses handicrafts, dancing, modelling, acting and other activities.

     Our school has participated in some Comenius and UNESCO projects. Comenius project was among 5 countries: France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. It was called “A bridge between nations”.The other one was among 3 countries Czech,Turkey and Lithuania. And the UNESCO project was between Lithuania and Romania. We did a lot of activities.

School website: http://saule.utena.lm.lt/