All activities will be supported from the grant for Project Management and Implementation and they are as follows (M=Month):


M1 - Research on strengths of career orientation and career building as in existence in each participating country and implemented by each participating school with a view to identifying best practices to be transferred to others;


M2 - Research carried out on the weaknesses of career orientation and building in order to avoid similar mistakes as well as identify solutions to the problems revealed; 


M3 - Following first transnational meeting and decisions taken by all parties involved, this activity will aim to put together the first product/ output which is the book on the research previously done, outlining best practices to be used further on by all involved institutions;


M4 - Translation of the book in two other international languages to make the resource available to as many interested parties as possible, publication of it, production of accompanying CD;


M5 - Dissemination of product in all participating countries and worldwide via project website;


M6 - Implementation of best practices in all participating institutions augmented by new questionnaires mutually agreed upon in order to start the process of consolidation of career orientation with target groups of students in every school;


M7 - Assessment of students 'answers and validity of questionnaires applied by carrying out meeting with students involved, their parents, teachers and counselors as well as establishment of  a set of potential areas of career building per pupil/group/ stream; identification of areas of concern that may hinder achievement in the chosen domain; referring students to OER, 21CDL, collaborative learning, peer coaching;


M8 - First hand experience of the chosen profession or area before, during and after transnational meeting no.2 which will enable participating students to compare and contrast national practices with international ones and thus maintain or alter their initial decisions;


M9 - Validation of sets of materials to be used in career orientation in order to determine best suited instruments that will be made available to all teachers interested by carrying out a second round of testing and comparing results;


M10 - Creation of instructions for the application of the established set of questionnaires and materials;


M11-M12 - Revisiting statistics, individual questionnaire results, minutes of student-parent-teacher-counselor meetings in order to determine validity, assess progress with project activities, evaluate impact and decide further course of action;


M13 - Drawing conclusions at participant level project teams and preparation of reports for transnational mobility no.3 which will involve both teachers and students attending it in final establishment of the set of materials to be publicized as second product/ outcome of the project;


M14 - Application of the set of career orientation materials to groups of students (both similar and different) and identification of potential areas of risk, flaws in conception or design, cultural differences that may impel implementation, other issues;


M15 - Holding meetings with students and parents to uphold findings and identify gaps to be filled; referring students to on-line resources that will help them fill in gaps;


M16 - Validation of set of materials and on-line resource list to be made public, coupled with instructions in a second experience students will face during transnational mobility no.4 while being under close observation by participating teachers and professionals; changes will be made to the final product according to findings;


M17 - Preparation of materials for publication, translation of materials in the 2 international languages as well as in the native language of each participating country; publication and up-load of materials on the project website;


M18 - Dissemination of product within each participating institution's local, regional, national  network of stakeholders, interested parties, authorities and fellow-colleagues; evaluation of initial impact;


M19- Revisiting all project developments in order to determine the best career orientation portfolio format and designing it according to age group targeted; involving all interested parties, parents including, as well as stakeholders' representatives in the activity;


M20 - Preparation of transnational mobility no.5 where all potential formats from each participating school will be presented, discussed, assessed and final decisions will be taken concerning its form, layout, instructions and line of development;


M21 - Validation of decision taken on portfolio while applying it to students of each participating school, assessing preliminary results and adopting changes;


M22 - Publication of portfolio and instructions for use and dissemination of outcome within local, regional, national context of each participating country;


M23, 24 - Final evaluation of project and final report.