Our organisations will perform a set of actions prior to the start of the  activities, as follows:

1- Identification, within each participating school, of departments and inside each department of teachers willing to cooperate in order to carry out the project activities and commit to the amount of work and intellectual effort required to monitor all students involved over a given space of time of a minimum of 1 year, submit reports and  participate at project meetings, as well as at the design of the final set of materials that will guide any teacher in contributing to the student's career portfolio;

2 - Establishment of the project team at the level of each partner and specification of position and requirements for each member;

3 - Identification of strong and weak points in career orientation, correction and development in each education system and institution;

4 - Identification of areas of major and minor interest in terms of career choice of their  students and reasons for the given situation;

5 - Contacting the local and /or regional authorities for the identification of  stakeholders and consultations with these in order to establish a set of priorities concerning job market requirements and opportunities in the area;

6 - Identification of companies and NGOs willing to cooperate in order to aid the process of trial ( trial and error) for different jobs or areas of activity by introducing students to the tasks required to be performed, responsibilities, job profile, candidate profile, positioning;

7 - Establishment, within each institution, of a conflict management committee, part of the project team, that will have clear responsibilities of negotiation and  solution of possible conflicts appearing at institution level, team level, project level, beneficiaries level.

8 - Identification of the target groups of  students ( at least 2 groups of different ages  per partner institution) and gaining personal and parental approval for each and  every one of them if still under age, which most likely will be the predominant situation.