The project starts from a reality that many of the teachers across central and SE Europe have noticed, that is the shallow regulations and even shallower practices of career orientation and guidance. This projects aims to put together the good parts of each participant's experience while attempting to build a set of practices based on documents and research which will enable any school to implement a sustainable career orientation approach, designed to meet students' needs and also aid teachers of any subject in contributing to the decision any student will eventually make in terms of career orientation and building towards an established goal. 


At present, most of the decision concerning a possible future career is left in the hands of the pupil at too young an age, while media and society come with poor role-models and misleading ideas as t what best might suit a teen in career orientation. Moreover, with most countries asking for such decisions the gymnasium level,  they fail to become truly relevant except for few fortunate cases. The wrong choice at an early age needs to lend itself to due correction during the coming years of lower and upper secondary school. Unfortunately, most often than none, families do not provide much help in the area of career orientation either as parents mostly leave the most important decision of a lifetime only to their off-springs with minimal guidance with the issue. Lack of proper information on the job market requirements and opportunities, on its potential future developments in a given area, as well as a false image built by youth of their future career prospects, coupled with a misleading idea of one's own strengths and weaknesses, is likely to contribute to making a wrong decision and in the long run to difficulties of finding a job or meeting with career failure, lack of success in social positioning,  alienation from the community, and anti-social behavior.


This project will try and help each and every student fill in the gaps of knowledge or connect better to the domain or domains in which they envisage their future career developments. Career orientation and career building portfolios will be devised for general use and dialogical approaches will be detailed upon in order to support career decisions and individualized SWOT analysis. The somehow new concepts of OER, blended learning and the 21CDL will be used in order to help beneficiaries re-connect and catch up,  if gaps are spotted,  as well as connect and experiment in the chosen area or areas, all with the goal of aiding a final decision and boosting motivation and determination as essential factors of building a successful career, asserting oneself and positioning oneself in today's and tomorrow's society.