Saulė Gymnasium in Utena

66 pupils in the 10th class (16-17 years old) participated in the survey. Selecting the characteristics, they were able to find out what their personality type is and what professions are suitable for that type.

The most-selected choice is Social type (for 39 out of 66 pupils). A social type is represented by social occupations such as: teacher, catechist, psychologist in Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Centre, career counselor, but she/he often lacks technical and scientific abilities. This type is defined as:  compassionate,  cooperative,  friendly,  obliging, idealistic, polite, patient, responsible, sociable, understanding, warm-hearted, tactful.                                                                                                                

The second-most-selected choice is Realistic type. (for 15 out of 66 pupils). A realistic type is represented by realistic occupations such as: car mechanic, farmer, electrician, driver, locksmith, welder – however, she/he often lacks social skills. This type is defined as: straightforward, honest, sober-minded, materialistic, modest, natural, humble, principled, persistent, practical, shy, thrifty, patient, hard-working.                        

The following types were selected the least by the pupils who were surveyed: enterprising , conventional, research.