Zespół Szkół im. Wincentego Witosa

This survey report contains information obtained from 57 classmates attending classes: 1Li – 9 persons, 1Te – 20 persons, 2RK – 20 persons and 3H1 – 8 persons gathered on the 15th and 16th of June, 2015. The questionnaire consisted of 6 questions, in which 8 behaviour types were included and 1 question with 6 response options. For each question respondents had 10 points at their disposal, that could be distributed among the sentences which best describe their probable behaviour. These points might be spread among several options or ten points might be given to a single sentence. The more a student agreed with the answer, the more points he gave. The test gave the possibility to specify the type of an employee (implementer, coordinator, creator, originator, resources researcher, monitoring critic, team associate, complete contractor, specialist) and predispositions to work in a team for a specific student. The results are expressed according to the standards table in percent – low level 0–33%, average 34-66%, high 67-85%, very high 86-100%.



Class I Li – 9 persons




  1. You can see the convergence of results in the average score analysis for a specific group (all the answers are in the range value of 4%, except the creator type with the discrepancy between the highest and lowest score of 7%).
  1. The IMPLEMENTER type is the most commonly existing type of an employee in a team – that is 24% 3H1, in the remaining classes 1Li, 1TE and 2RK it amounts to 21%. The TEAM ASSOCIATE type is the second most often chosen option – 19% in class 3H1 and 1Li, 18% - 1Te and 17% - 2RK, percentage differences between groups are inconsiderable. RESOURCES RESEARCHER is the third most represented type of a team-worker in classes 1Te, 2RK, 3H1, that is 15% for all of them. In class 1Li it is the fourth choice with the result of 12%, what is less in comparison with the CREATOR type – 13%. The CREATOR type in the remaining classes gained: 1Te – 10%, 2RK– 9% and 3H1 – 6%. 
  1. According to the test results analysis, CREATOR is the least frequently occurring type of a team-worker – 1Li – 9%, 1TE and 2 RK – 8% and 3 H1 – 7%. COORDINATOR and COMPLETE CONTRACTOR are also rarely chosen types. It presents as follows: 1Li-8% and 8%, 1TE- 9% and 9%, 2RK – 9% and 11% and 3H1- 9% and 7%.
  1. In the surveyed group the choice of school profile has a slight impact on answers. This may suggest what counts when students choose school profile is their interests, the main character traits as well as predispositions to cooperate in a group do not play a major role.
  2. The age of respondents also did not influence the given answers. Respondents from classes 1 and 3 answered similarly in the range value of 4% except the creator type with the discrepancy between the highest and lowest score of 7%.
  1. High correlation of test results may indicate steady strengthening character traits and general posture in a family house, then at school and creating ‘a model employee’. This may also result from too little individual approach to upbringing and education to develop ‘creative personality’.