Zespół Szkół im. Wincentego Witosa


The survey was carried out among 18 students attending class 3RT on the day of 10.06.2015.

After conducting the survey, the results are as follows:


  • The biggest group of students – 7 persons- constitute the ones whose first choice was intrapersonal intellect type.
  • The other options in the first choice are: 4 students – interpersonal, 2 students – musical, 2 students naturalistic, 1 person – logical mathematical, 1 person – spacious, 1 person kinesthetic.

As the second option, students indicated the following personality type:

- 4 students - intrapersonal

- 4 students - musical

- 3 students - kinesthetic

- 3 students - interpersonal, 2 students - verbal

- 1 person - logical

- 1 person - naturalistic  intellect


The second students’ choice is presented in the chart below



As the third option, students indicated the following personality type:

- 5  students chose kinesthetic type

- 4 students chose interpersonal type

- 4 students - spacious

-  2 students – verbal and 2 – musical type,

- 1 person –intrapersonal

The third students’ choice is presented in the chart below      



  • In a discussed research group 7 people chose intrapersonal intellect type as their first and predominant personality type. This is a large group considering the whole class that is characterized by sensitivity, reflexivity, empathy as its strengths. The main feature of these people is good intuition, but also some kind of restraint. Such people know their feelings as well as their strong sides and drawbacks. They perfectly perceive what their aims are. In order to be fulfilled in their future career, they must feel safe in their social environment, be accepted by others and only in this case they can achieve goals with their inner motivation. Such people can best express themselves when choosing occupations connected to creativity, intuition, inner freedom.  
  • A further 4 persons chose interpersonal intellect type as the main one. These are introverted persons who like to be among friends and acquaintances, can easily go into a contact with other people, feel well in a team, have negotiation and mediation skills. They are not indifferent to social problems and they always fight for the truth. Very often the people of this type become mediators when solving various conflicts.
  • Two persons chose musical type and two persons naturalistic as their first choice, which means there is a wide variety of personalities. People with musical type of intellect are sensitive to the tone, timbre, rhythm, voice and the emotional power of music. Such people are creative, having exceptional sensitiveness to changing sounds. However, people with naturalistic intellect care with love for nature, express strong ties with Earth and its lifecycles.
  • While analyzing the functioning of the study group on school grounds, a wide variety of personality types can be observed.
  • Similar differentiation concerns students’ second and third options.
  • Personality types revealed by students are partially compatible with their selected career paths in a field of advertising or tourism.


In the survey: „ QUESTIONAIRRE FOR DETECTING INTELECT TYPE” partizipated 22 second grader of the Technical High School of Economics.

After the test the students have achieved the following results:

The biggest group of students (13) are those whose  first choice was intrapersonal intelligence. Five students identified as first choice interpersonal intelligence, three  students musical, logical mathematical and one student logical mathematical.


As a second choice students gave the following types of personalities:

Four students - naturalistic;  four students musical; four students spacious; three  students – logical mathematical;  three -  kinesthetic;  two  students - intrapersonal; two students -  interpersonal.


As a third choice students gave the following  types of  intellect: 

Seven students -  have chosen musical one;  five students chosen type was kinesthetic one. Three students  - naturalistic and three spacious.  One student - logical mathematical, one student – verbal, one student – intrapersonal, one student – interpersonal.



  1. The research group up to thirteen people has chosen as the first type of personality intrapersonal intelligence, which indicates a large group to the class, whose strong point is the sensitivity, reflectivity, empathy.
  2. These people have good intuition, but also a certain restraint. To found themselves once the job they need to feel safe in the environment, feel the acceptance of the environment, and then they can achieve a lot by activating your inner motivation.
  3. Another five  people have chosen as   first interpersonal intellect- those people are  introverted ones, entering without fear  social interactions, having negotiation skills and mediation, they prefer to spend time with other people and  feel well in the team.
  4. Three persons have chosen as the first intellect type  musical one , one student logical matematic one, which suppose  to be the great diversity of the strengths and weaknesses of personality.
  5. Analyzing the functioning in the school study group points to a large variety of personality types, which results in difficulties in the integration of the class.
  6. Similar variation relates to the second and third choices
  7. Disclosed personality types do not match fully into the profession of economist, in which the interviewed students educate. This can be seen by the minor educational results achieved by the students.